Offshore coatings


Operations in the oil and gas market require substantial capital investment when it comes to corrosion protection. Splash zone areas of offshore platforms face severe conditions as they are exposed to UV radiation, to constant wetting- and drying cycles and to impact and abrasion caused by floating debris, hurricanes and even ice floats. If left uncoated, the corrosion rate of steel in splash zone areas will easily amount to over 250 microns/year. Steel therefore has to be protected against corrosion and painting is the most widely used method of protection.


Anticorrosive paint systems typically consist of several layers, which form a barrier against the penetration of water and contaminants through the coatings to the steel. However, the paint systems’ properties can only be done justice if they are well-applied and if a proper surface preparation has been carried out.

Getting it right from the start makes very much sense in the oil and gas market since access and window of opportunity is a major obstacle for maintenance painting. Oil companies have therefore raised the standards on material protection and selection. For paints, prequalification standards exist which aim to deliver systems with at least 15 year lifetime.

Transocean Coatings is able to take up this challenge and in fact, Transocean Coatings have been supplying the market with high quality paints combined with an excellent service.
We do have the experience and knowledge to provide you with an adequate paint system to protect your structure, taking into consideration factors like the desired lifetime expectation, possible access for future maintenance and, above all, the available budget.

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