Painting steel is the most widely used method of protection. Anticorrosive paint systems typically consist of several layers, which form a barrier against the penetration of water and contaminants through the coatings to the steel. However, the paint systems’ properties can only be done justice if they are well-applied and if a proper surface preparation has been carried out.

At Transocean Coatings we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with a suitable paint system to protect your structure. Important in selecting the right system are factors such as the desired lifetime expectation, possible access for future maintenance and, above all, the available budget.

Transocean Coatings offers wide range of more than 200 different products, such as:

  • epoxy, polyurethane. alkyd, zinc rich/dust/-silicate, polysiloxane systems,
  • solvent boe and water boe systems, 
  •  high solids systems,
  •  low frame spread systems,
  •  moisture curing systems,
  • under water application systems,
  • painting materials, applied at the temperature below 0°C and at high relative humidity,
  • coatings, protecting form corrosion under insulation (C.U.I.),
  • anti-graffity paints and others.

Transocean Coatings has a network of manufacturers, producing its range of coatings in some 40 countries and subsequently distributing the paints to all continents. At any shore therefore, wherever in the world, you can rely on Transocean Coatings. And local service assures quick delivery of factory-fresh products at competitive prices.

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