Energy equipment

 UAB „AUSGA“ is official representative of these factories:

  • 1. Group of companies „KONČAR“ (Croatia) – one of the leading manufacturer of production, transmission and distribution equipment;
  • 2. „Hesotech GmbH“ (Germany) – manufacturer of monitoring systems for transformers and autotransformers;
  • 3. “Ribe SubCon GmbH” (Austria) – manufacturer of substation circuit breakers and sets of insulators of all voltage levels, 
  • 4. „Zapel S.A.“ (Poland) – manufacturer of low and high voltage porcelain insulators. 
Many years of experience in the field of complex equipment of electrical equipment, individual approach to the needs of the customer, impeccable quality of supplied products and the excellent reputation of the company-producer make it possible to realize not only basic, but also non-standard, most complex energy supply projects. The quality of the supplied products and services is achieved by fulfilling the requirements and preferences of the Customer in the entire process, from the contract, development, production and supply, to the delivery of services during the life of products and services. All supplied products meet inteational quality standards, meeting all mode requirements.
UAB „AUSGA“ supplied equipment:

1.    Delivery of transformers and autotransformers:

1.1.    Power transformers:
  • generator transformers up to 800 MVA power, up to 420 kV voltage;
  • transmission network transformers and autotransformers up to 600 MVA power, up to 420 kV voltage;
  • electric power transmission and distribution network transformers 2,5-100 MVA power, up to 170 kV votlage;
1.2.    Distribution network transformers:
  • Oil-immersed transformers up to 2500 kVA power, up to 36 kV voltage;
  • Dry-type transformers up to 5000 kVA power, up to 24 kV voltage.
1.3.    Special transformers:
  • railway power supply transformers;
  • traction transformers;
  • fuace transformers;
  • rectifying transformers;
  • earthing transformers;
  • mining transformers and substations.  
2.    Instrument transformers:
  • high voltage oil-immersed instrument transformers (current, induction and capacitive, voltage. combined transformer);
  • high voltage SF6 gas insulated instrument transformers (current, voltage, combined);
  • average voltage (with oil or polymer insulation),
  • instrument transformers for special needs;
  • other products (low voltage instrument transformers, high voltage instrument transformers intended for mounting in GIS).
3.    High voltage distribution equipment:

  • High voltage SF6 gas insulated circuit breakers 72,5-550 kV;
  • High voltage disconnectors and earhing devices 72,5 –550 kV;
  • High voltage 72,5-145 kV SF6 gas insulated switch-yard (GIS).
4.    Average voltage distribution equipment.
5.    Delivery of high and low voltage porcelain insulators.
6.    Delivery of all voltage types insulator sets and circuit breakers for substations.
Our specialists will help you to select and provide the necessary equipment for the reconstruction, modeization or construction of energy facilities, provide the necessary spare parts for operation, provide consultations, perform installation, commissioning and adjustment of equipment, and carry out staff training courses.


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