Inorganic Insulation for Elevated Temperatures

Transocean Coatings B.V. in cooperation with Performance Polymers bv developed a product range to prevent corrosion under insulation (C.U.I.).These products can also be used in applications where high temperatures appear (up to 650°C).


Thermaguard™ acts as a thermal barrier, which can improve energy efficiency, prevent Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) occurring, reduce condensation build up & provide personal protection according to ISO 13732-1 (SafeTouch™ properties). Protecting interior temperatures against cold, warm & humid weather conditions. Elimination of exteal cladding results in a maintenance friendly insulation system for quick inspections.


Thermaguard™ has Ultra-High-Build (UHB) capabilities in a single multi-pass application. Application at such thicknesses allows use of Thermaguard™ liquid insulation to partly or completely replace use of traditional insulation material systems.

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