Anticorrosive coatings

Coating systems must protect engineering structures and systems from corrosion and corrosive environments. In addition to the protective function, the paint systems should provide good long-term appearance to the painted objects. To survive in the field of the industry can only those products that have proven their advantages in extreme conditions. Temperature changes, extreme weather conditions, mechanical stress, acids and other corrosive environments are such tough conditions that coating systems must constantly meet.

The correct choice of the coating system depends on many criteria and must always correspond to the state of the covered object and structure.
The following criteria should be taken into account:
  • influence of weather conditions associated with geographical location (sunlight, salt, etc.);
  • chemical load (vapors, chemicals);
  • load caused by condensation / evaporation / water;
  • thermal load (exhaust gases, high temperatures);
  • mechanical load (bending, impact, abrasion);
  • expected lifetime of the coating system.
Our experts have experience in choosing a suitable system from a wide range of existing coatings.

Wilckens ® offers a wide range of products, such as:
  • alkyd, chlorinated rubber, vinyl, acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane systems,
  • systems based on synthetic thinners and water-dispersion systems,
  • epoxy systems with 100% solids content,
  • coating systems that protect against abrasion,
  • heat-resistant paints,
  • single-layer coating systems.

Our range of products provides the best protection against corrosion and gives the objects a good long-term appearance.

In addition to the range of standard products, we offer specially designed paint materials and special shades of colors for primers and topcoats on special requests from customers.
You can get more detailed information on request.

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